Green Bay Packers Football Stars Join Young Fan’s Impromptu Tea Party on Sideline

Training Camp for these big, burly football players is serious business, as athletes condition their bodies for the NFL season ahead.

But, these sweet superstars are winning hearts, too, with their spontaneous playfulness—especially when a wee lass sets up a tea party on the sidelines.

Dressed in her green and gold cheerleader outfit, Aria Rubens lifted her empty tea cup to each player as they entered Lombardi Stadium, asking, “Would you like some tea?”

The little pink cups decorated with a Disney princess had not a drop of liquid in them, but each player lifted their head, gulping down a pretend sip, and thanked their young fan.

“You make the best tea!” said one player. Little Aria always answered with “Go Pack, go!”

Mom Ashley Rubens posted the videos on social media and the cuteness went viral.

“It’s just crazy how many people just want a good story about people being kind to each other,” Ashley said. “Ultimately, I think that’s what the Packers community is about.”

The Wisconsin team is the only organization in the NFL that is owned by the citizens of its city, rather than wealthy individuals. The Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, has won back-to-back League MVP titles from 2020 to 2022.